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Claudia Baier's Company Story

Claudia is focusing on helping individuals and the companies they work for in that unique way is that Claudia herself went through burnout in the years 2007 to 2009. She did not only managed to get out of her burnout but also turned it into a surge of energy and performance that earned her the invitation to the President's Club of VMware International within her first 6 months at the company in 2009. 


Claudia Baier Mission

Claudia’s mission is to teach and coach employees, professionals and entrepreneurs how to eliminate stress from their life, protect themselves from burnout, increase their energy, motivation and productivity. In over 90% of the cases, she manages to help her clients to achieve emotional freedom from stress or burnout within one session. Additionally, her innovative “goal-aligning” workshop allows her clients to ensure that their employees willingly and without additional stress add value to the company that lies outside their normal job description because it also benefits them.


Claudia Baier Business Values

Guaranteed Results. RespectHonestyTrust. FunRealizing potential. Claudia Baier uses unique ways in order to provide contentment and laughter in the midst of the serious business of improving productivity and morale in your firm. Help others to realize their potential and develop and evolve their potential into an area of real growth.


Claudia Baier Vision

Claudia has the vision that burnout and stress are no longer that omnipresent in Europe and America because all employees have learned how to protect themselves from stress and burnout. Especially, Claudia’s company clients are benefiting from higher profit and less costs due to their employees being more motivated, feeling energized and productive on their own account.